San Giovannino dei Cavalieri Church Florence

The San Giovannino dei Cavalieri Church is located in the Via San Gallo in the center of Florence. The main attractions inside this church are a number of paintings by Neri di Bicci, Bicci di Lorenzo and Pier Dandini, among others.

San Giovannino dei Cavalieri Church Florence

Address, opening hours and admission

The address of the Chiesa di San Giovannino dei Cavalieri is Via San Gallo, 66 – Florence. The nearest bus stop is Salvestrina (1, 7, 12, 25, C1). The church is free of charge. As it is not always open, it is better to call in advance: +39 055 470864.

History and description

The Chiesa di San Giovanni dei Cavalieri was founded in 1323 as an oratorium. Later it came into the hands of the Order of the Celestines and still later of what is officially called the “Sovereign Military Hospital Order of Saint John of Jerusalem, of Rhodes and of Malta”.

The façade is decorated with the coat of arms of the Maltese Order of Knights, a white cross on a red background, held up by two marble angels.

Neri di Bicci painted the “Virgin”, while Bicci di Lorenzo was responsible for the “Birth”. The “Decapitation of John the Baptist” is the work of Pier Dandini.

San Giovannino dei Cavalieri Church – Via San Gallo 66, Florence

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