San Gregorio Church Ascoli Piceno

The San Gregorio Church is located in the square of the same name in Ascoli Piceno. It was built at the back of the Palazzo dell’Arengo.

San Gregorio Church Ascoli Piceno

Useful information

San Gregorio Church Ascoli Piceno
San Gregorio Church

Address: Piazza San Gregorio – Ascoli Piceno.

History and description

The present San Gregorio Church is the result of a reconstruction that took place in the 12th century. This transformed a Roman temple from the time of Emperor Augustus into a Christian place of worship.

The row of columns at the front of the temple was closed by blocks of travertine marble. Two entrances were also created, one at the front and one at the side. Next to the main entrance, two more columns from the Roman period can be seen.

To the left of the facade is a large bell tower.

The interior is rectangular in shape, leaving the original Roman architecture intact.

The walls are covered with slabs of travertine marble and there are fragments of frescoes from the 12th and 13th centuries.

One of the frescoes portrays St. Francis preaching to the birds.

San Gregorio Church Ascoli, Piceno

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