San Lorenzo Church Acquapendente

The San Lorenzo Church is located in the Via Guglielmo Marconi in Acquapendente. The most interesting artwork is a 16th century fresco.

San Lorenzo Church Acquapendente

History and description

San Lorenzo Church Acquapendente

It is not known exactly when the San Lorenzo Church was built, but it is mentioned in a chronicle of the town written by Paolo Biondo in 1588.

What is most striking about the San Lorenzo Church are the two wide staircases that lead to the entrance. These ensure that the church stands further back than the neighboring houses.

The original entrance was located on the right side of the church, where a small square can be seen today.

In 1877 the church was completely demolished to be rebuilt by the architect Guglielmo Meluzzi.

After the World War II it was necessary to restore the interior of San Lorenzo Church.

What to see

The canvas located in front of the baptistery on the right side of the church depicting the “Madonna, the Archangel Michael, San Lorenzo and the Devil” was painted by Vincenzo Padelli in 1888.

In the Cappella della Salute one can see a fresco from the 16th century. This was often covered with other frescoes in the course of the centuries. In 1987 a restoration brought the original back to light.

San Lorenzo Church, Acquapendente

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