San Lorenzo Neighborhood Rome

San Lorenzo is not an official district (“rione” or “quartiere”) of Rome, but it is one of the best known neighborhoods of the Eternal City. Its near proximity to Rome’s university campus of La Sapienza has enticed many students to come and live in San Lorenzo and has also caused a surge in the number of eateries and pubs. Officially the neighborhood is part of the Tiburtino district.

San Lorenzo Neighborhood Rome

History and description

San Lorenzo is not the most picturesque part of Rome: It is one of the few parts of the city that was bombed in World War II and the walls of the main streets of the neighborhood are covered with – rather ugly – graffiti.

This is more than made up for by the liveliness and cozy character of the area and especially for tourists who have found their accommodation in Rome near the central station Roma Termini San Lorenzo is the nearest and easiest to reach night time district.

To get to San Lorenzo from Termini all you need to do is find any Via Marsala exit and turn right. Turn left when you come to the arches and take the second street on your right. Once you have crossed the Via Tiburtina you are in the most interesting part of San Lorenzo.

It is best to visit San Lorenzo on either a Friday or a Saturday night, when, after 9 PM, non-resident car traffic is not allowed to enter the area and hundreds of pedestrians take possession of the streets.

There are many good restaurants in San Lorenzo, but special mention has to be made for the excellent pizzeria Formula One, a joyful, well-organized chaos with some of the best pizzas at some of the lowest prices in Rome.

San Lorenzo Neighborhood, Rome

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