San Marcuola Church Venice

The Church of San Marcuola is located in the sestiere Cannaregio on the north bank of the Canal Grande in Venice. The most important work of art inside the church is a “Last Supper” by Tintoretto.

San Marcuola Church Venice

San Marcuola Church Venice - Tintoretto - Last Supper
Tintoretto’s “Last Supper”

Address, hours and admission

Address: Salita Fontego, 1762 – 30121 Venezia. District: Cannaregio. Vaporetto: San Marcuola (line 1). Opening hours: Unknown.

History and description

The San Marcuola Kerk is dedicated to the saints Ermagora en Fortunato. The name Marcuola was coined by joining the two names. Hermagoras and Fortunatus were martyrs from Aquileia during the reign of Emperor Diocletian.

The first version of the church, in the present spot, stems from the 12th century and was built by a wealthy family called Memmo. This family was rich enough to own the entire island of San Giorgio.

According to legend, there was an earlier San Marcuola Church on the island of Lemeneo. Several inhabitants of Venice had fled to this island when the Lombards invaded the city.

Antonio Gaspari was the architect responsible for an important reconstruction. After his death, Giorgio Massari took over and between 1728 and 1736 finished construction. The facade, however, remained unfinished.

The interior consists of a single nave. The interior of the church is more lavishly decorated than the sober interior would suggest.

The baroque main altar is decorated with statues by Giovanni Maria Morlaiter.

The main attraction of the church is a “Last Supper”, painted by Tintoretto in 1547.

San Marcuola Church Venice

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