San Martino Church Velletri

The San Martino Church in Velletri is situated near the Palazzo Cinelli. The oldest document mentioning the church dates back to the year 1065. The artistic highlight in the church is the canvas “Madonna della Carità” painted by Antoniazzo Romano.

San Martino Church Velletri

Useful information

The address of Chiesa di San Martino is Via del Corso della Repubblica, 245 – 00049 Velletri (RM). Phone: +39 0681900371.

History and Description

San Martino Church Velletri
San Martino Church

Originally, the San Martino Church was built in a Gothic style. In 1616 it was assigned to the Order of the Somascan Fathers, who built a convent and an almshouse next to it.

After both time and the battle of Velletri damaged the church, the architect Nicola Giansimoni was commissioned to rebuild it in 1744. It is to this that the church owes most of its current appearance. The facade was only finished by Matteo Lovatti in 1825, however.

Works of art

The Roman painter Antoniazzo Romano was commissioned on May 10, 1491 to paint the Madonna della Carità (“Madonna of Charity”) for the church. Romano was one of the most important representatives of the Roman school and worked under Perugino on the Sistine Chapel in Rome.

San Martino Church Velletri

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