San Martino in Foro Church Sarteano

The main attraction of the San Martino in Foro Church in Sarteano is a painting by Beccafumi. The church already existed in the 12th century, then under the name of Santa Maria in Vallepiatta, but was completely rebuilt in 1843.

San Martino in Foro Church Sarteano

Useful information

The church is located in Piazza Bargagli, opposite the town’s Palazzo Comunale. Phone: +39 . Opening times: . Ticket price: . (Note that prices and times may be subject to change.)

History and description

"Annunciation", Beccafumi, San Martino in Foro, Sarteano.
“Annunciation”, Beccafumi.

The Chiesa di San Martino in Foro has a neo-classical facade, characterized mainly by its bell gable. It is located near the Porta Umbra. One of the bells has the year 1282 inscribed in Gothic letters. The interior consists of a single nave.

What to see

The touristic highlight of this church is the “Marian Message” (Annunciazione) painted by Beccafumi in 1546 (first altar on the left). A letter exists in which the painter complains of not having been paid two years after the work was completed.

A second curiosity in the church is a “Madonna and Child” by Jacopo di Mino del Pellicciaio. This painting from 1344 is also called the Madonna del Cardellino. The polyptych Madonna delle Grazie is by the same artist.

The “Madonna and Child, San Rocco and San Sebastiano” was painted in the second half of the 15th century by Andrea di Niccolò.

“Visit of the Virgin to Saint Elizabeth” is by Matteo Rosselli (17th century).

“Madonna in the Glory, with Child and Saints” is by Alessandro Casolani (16th century).

San Martino in Foro Church Sarteano

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