San Nicolò Church Venice

The San Nicolò Church is located on the island of Lido in Venice. The main attractions of this 11th century church are paintings by both Palma il Vecchio and Palma il Giovane. Other attractions are the floor mosaic and the beautiful façade.

San Nicolò Church Venice

Address, opening times and admission

San Nicolò Church Venice (Lido)
San Nicolò Church

Address : Riviera San Nicolò 26 – Venice (tel. +39 041 5260241). Opening hours: . Entrance fee: Free. Public transport: Line 5.1, 5.2 (stop Lido S.M.E., “A”); Line 5.1, 5.2, 6 (stop Lido S.M.E., “B”); Line 14, N (stop Lido S.M.E., “C”); Line 1, N (Lido S.M.E. stop, “D”); Line 6, 10 (Lido S.M.E. stop, “E”); Line 17 (Lido S. Nicolò N/T stop); Autobus linea A.

History and description

Construction of the San Nicolò Church started in 1044 and was commissioned by Doge Domenico Contarini.

Around the next turn of the century, some relics of the saint were brought to the church from the city of Myra in Anatolia.

San Nicolò would later become the patron saint of fishermen, seafarers and crusaders.

The current version of the church dates back to 1627 and was built next to the monastery that already existed at the time. During Napoleonic rule, this monastery was used as a barracks.

Around 1940, the original Corinthian 11th century capitals, which had been covered during an earlier renovation, were recovered.

In the mid-20th century, the floor mosaic with geometric and floral motifs from the old Romanesque basilica was also recovered and restored.

The 17th century reliefs adorning the choir depict events from the life of the saint himself.

Palma il Vecchio painted the “Madonna with Cherub”, while Palma il Giovane was responsible for the “San Giovannino”.

The statue above the main portal represents Domenico Contarini.

Riviera San Nicolò 26, Venice

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