Church of San Paolo Pistoia

The San Paolo Church in Pistoia is characterized by some interesting frescoes and by a large statue on the façade. It is one of the oldest churches in the city and is only sparingly decorated. The highlight is the fresco “The Holy Conversation” painted by Fra Paolino in the 16th century.

San Paolo Church Pistoia

Useful information

The address of the San Paolo Church is Via della Rosa, 39 -51100 Pistoia (tel. +39 057320291). Opening hours: Unknown. Entrance fee: Free.

History and description

San Paolo Church Pistoia (Saints Agata and Eulalia)
“Saints Agata and Eulalia”, Guerino Guerini (1520)

The San Paolo Church originally dates back to the 10th century, but in 1136 it was reconstructed and enlarged. The church was extended to the south and part of the land outside the Porta Caldatica was confiscated. Further reconstructions, in a neo-Gothic style, took place in the 19th century.

The exterior of the church is typical of the Gothic-Tuscan architectural style. The façade is made of a greenish stone alternating with dark green and white areas.

The statue on the façade depicts “San Jacopo” and was sculpted by Andrea di Cione di Arcangelo, nicknamed Orcagna.

The reliefs above the portal depict “Moses and David”.

The rather austere interior consists of a single nave. There are hardly any decorations. Restorations took place in the 17th and 19th centuries.

In 1895, a fire destroyed the organ and part of the decorations in 1895.

What to see

The fresco depicting “Saints Agata and Eulalia” was painted by Gerino Gerini in 1520.

A crucifix from the 14th century, used in processions.

Sacred Conversation, San Paolo Church Pistoia
“Sacred Conersation”, Fra Paolino (1528)

The “Sacred Conversation” painted in 1528 by Fra Paolino, depicting “Saint Peter the Martyr”. The saint is pictured with the face of the priest, politician and writer Girolamo Savonarola, who had been burned at the stake for blasphemy on the authority of Pope Alexander VI in 1498.

Some 13th and 14th century frescoes have come to light in the sacristy.

San Paolo Church Pistoia

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