San Pellegrino district Viterbo

San Pellegrino is the name of the most characteristic and picturesque district in the old historic center of Viterbo.

San Pellegrino district Viterbo

History and description

Via San Pellegrino Viterbo
Stretch of the Via San Pellegrino in the neighborhood of the same name.

The San Pellegrino district consists of a maze of extremely narrow alleys, since at the time they were built there were no wide vehicles and wider streets were therefore unnecessary.

Most of these quiet streets are paved with cobblestones and have no sidewalks or traffic lights.

The most important street in the district is Via San Pellegrino, which is also the seat of the Sodalizio dei Facchini di Santa Rosa, where the people who carry the wagon during the famous festival on September 3 meet. This house, by the way, cannot be visited.

About half way down the street is the Piazza San Pellegrino, which owes its name to the San Pellegrino Church located there.

The houses in the district are also very small and are made of the greyish volcanic stone called “peperino” which is mined in the area around Viterbo.

Once a year the district hosts the San Pellegrino in Fiore flower festival.

Every Saturday and Sunday an antique market is held in the main streets of the district.

San Pellegrino district, Viterbo

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