San Pietro Apostolo Church Albano Laziale

The San Pietro Apostolo Church is the oldest religious building in Albano Laziale. Its main attractions are the main entrance and the painting from the 16th century located near the main altar.

San Pietro Apostolo Church Albano Laziale

Address and opening hours

The address of the Chiesa di San Pietro Apostolo is Via Cellomaio, 86 00041 Albano Laziale. Admission is free.

History and Description

San Pietro Apostolo Church Alabano laziale (portal)

The San Pietro Apostolo Church was built in the 6th century, on the ruins of an aula of the Terme di Caracalla.

The entrance to the San Pietro Apostolo Church is on the left. The doorposts of this portal were used by reusing two entablatures from ancient Roman monuments.

Old pieces of marble from the time of Emperor Septimius Severus were also reused inside the church, for decoration as well as support.

The rest of the facade is built in typical Romanesque style. The wooden rafters are visible.

The bell tower dates from the 12th century.

San Pietro Apostolo Church Albanoo Laziale (bell tower)

Comprehensive restorations/renovations took place in the 12th and in the 14th century.

What to see

The frescoes in the niche of the Vergine del Segno (“Virgin of the Sign”) date from the Byzantine period.

The fresco depicting “Santa Margherita and Sant’Onofrio” was painted between the 13th and 14th centuries.

The canvas Sacra Conversazione (“Sacred Conversation”) was painted by Gherardo delle Notti.

The altar cloth “The Handing over of the Keys to Saint Peter” dates from the 16th century.

On the walls hang some beautiful banners from the 17th century.

The pointed arch above one of the doors on the east side dates from the 14th century.

On the floor of the church there are a number of mosaics with animal motifs.

In the 15th century the Savelli family came into possession of the church and buried a number of family members in the chapel named after them. This chapel was destroyed, but the church still contains some tombs.

San Pietro Apostolo Church, Albano Laziale