Church of San Pietro a Calastro Torre del Greco

The San Pietro a Calastro Church in Torre del Greco existed as early as the 11th century. It is a fairly small church and was originally in an agricultural area in the middle of nowhere. Later, houses were constructed around the church, however. A legend claiming that the church was built on the spot where St. Peter had come to land, is not based on facts.

San Pietro a Calastro Church Torre del Greco

Useful information

Address: Cupa San Pietro, 5.

History and description

San Pietro a Calastro Church Torre del Greco
San Pietro a Calastro Church

The oldest reference to the San Pietro a Calastro Church is found in a document from 1042. The church is dedicated to Saint Peter, who, according to one legend, was said to have come ashore near the coast of Calastro. This legend was spread by a notary called Ruggero Pappansogna, who based it on a document supposedly from the 5th century.  The story turned out to be full of false claims and contradictions.

In 1120, the church was property of Sergio di Mitro and in 1126 it was completely destroyed. In successive years, it was often severely damages or even virtually demolished. In 1306, a complete reconstruction took place and it is this version that can still be seen.

Between 1600 and 1688 it was owned by the Raiola family.

In 1857, after a decree from the King of Naples, the church became the property of the Citarelli family.

The church consists of a central nave with a smaller side nave.

What to see

Near the main altar is a large painting, commissioned by Stefano Raiola in 1606, as stated in the lower right corner. The portrait in the left corner probably depicts Raiola himself.

San Pietro a Calastro Church, Torre del Greco

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