San Pietro Extra Moenia Church Spoleto

The San Pietro Extra Moenia Church was originally built in the 5th century and is located outside the Spoleto city walls. The biggest attraction of this church is the magnificent facade, decorated with dozens of reliefs and Cosmatesque designs.

San Pietro Extra Moenia Church Spoleto

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Address: Chiesa di San Pietro – Via Giro del Ponte, 4 – 06049 Spoleto (tel. +39 074349796). Opening hours: From 09.00 till 18.30 (in winter from 09.00 till 16.30). Admission: Free.


San Pietro Extra Moenia Church Spoleto
San Pietro Extra Moenia Church

The first version of the San Pietro Church was built in the 5th century, on the site of an ancient villa and necropolis. The initiative for the construction came from Bishop Achilleo, who had even brought an important relic in the form of Saint Peter’s chains from Rome.

Reconstructions took place in the 12th/13th century, in 1393 (after a fire started by the Ghibellines) and in 1699.

The monumental stairs preceding the facade were added in the 17th century.


The facade itself is divided into three levels and crowned by a tympanum with a statue of St. Peter on top. The three portals are decorated with animal reliefs and Cosmatesque elements. On both sides of the central entrance are eagle statues.

The middle part of the facade had three oculi. The central oculus is adorned with reliefs depicting symbols of the four Evangelists.

The 12th century reliefs of the facade are considered among the sculptural masterpieces of the period.

The interior consists of three naves and is the result of the 1699 reconstruction. The originally Gothic structure was replaced by one with a circular vault and columns with a wide base.

Highlights San Pietro Church

The votive fresco on the interior wall of the facade depicts a kneeling Saint Peter.

The 4rd altar on the right is decorated with an “Adoration of the Kings” from the second half of the 16th century.

The baptismal font in the left nave was made in 1487.

The 3rd altar on the right has a “Madonna and Saints” by an unknown 14th century sculptor.

For the construction of the Muro della Canonica, to the right of the facade, ancient Roman architectural elements have been reused.

San Pietro Church – Via Giro del Ponte, Spoleto

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