San Pietro Martire Church Venice

The San Pietro Martire Church is located on the island of Murano in Venice. The church is graced by paintings by Veronese, Bellini and Tintoretto, among others. This church also features a very beautiful cloister.

San Pietro Martire Church Venice

Murano island Venice - San Piettro Martire Church
San Pietro Martire Church

Address, opening times and entrance fee

Address: Fondamenta dei Vetrai, 30141 or Campiello Michieli, 3 – Venice (tel. +39 041739704). Opening hours: From 09.00 to 12.00 and from 15.00 to 18.00. Entrance fee: The church itself is free, but admission to the cloister costs 3 Euro.

History and description

San Pietro Martire Church Venice (bell tower)
Bell tower

The San Pietro Martire Church was built in the 14th century in a Gothic style commissioned by Doge Marco Michiel. At that time it was still dedicated to San Giovanni Evangelista. A Dominican Monastery was constructed contemporaneously.

Having been destroyed by a fire in 1474, the church was rebuilt in a Renaissance style.

The bell tower was completed in 1502.

Much of the artwork inside this the Chiesa di San Pietro Martire used to grace other churches. In 1808 Napoleon had many churches closed and their works of art removed. In 1813, when the church was reopened, several masterpieces that had previously been displayed in other churches were placed in the San Pietro Martire Church.

The church portal dates back to the 15th century. The marble inscription on the corner with the Fondamenta dei Vetrai refers to the foundation of the monastery.

The Church consists of three naves.

San Pietro Martire Church Venice - St. Peter Visiting St. Agatha in Prison
St. Peter Visiting St. Agatha in Prison

The most important paintings are “Our Lady’s Ascension with Saints” and “The Virgin on the Throne, with Doge Agostino Barbarigo and Bishop Sant’Agostino” by Giovanni Bellini and “Saint Jerome in the Desert” (1566), painted by Paolo Veronese. The latter also painted the “St. Agatha in Prison with St. Peter and an Angel.” Tintoretto was responsible for the “Baptism of Christ.”

The cloister features a beautiful portico with an external staircase to the second floor of the sacristy. Onits central well, between the bas-reliefs, the date 1348 can be read, which was probably the year of the foundation of the church.

Fondamenta dei Vetrai, 30141 – Venice

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