San Salvario Church Turin

The San Salvario Church in Turin started its existence as a small royal chapel connected to the Palazzo di Valentino. The cloisters and gardens that were part of the convent, were destroyed when the railway was laid (mid 19th century). The church itself has been closed to the public since 1960.

San Salvario Church Turin

Useful information

Address: Via Nizza, 20 – Torino. The church can only be visited on special occasions.

History and description

San Salvario Church Turin interior

The San Salvario Church was built at the beginning of a tree-lined street that used to lead to the castle. At the time this street, now Corso Guglielmo Marconi, was still called Via Madama Cristina.

The church as it can be seen nowadays was built in 1646 by Amedeo di Castellamente, who incorporated it into the convent.

The facade has two levels. The big octagonal drum is visible from the street. The two side arms are symmetrical.

The interior is characterized by a central floor plan. There are two side chapels.

San Salvario Church Turin

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