San Severo Chapel Perugia

The San Severo Chapel in Perugia stands immediately adjacent to the Chiesa dei Camaldolesi, a church with an adjoining convent. The chapel is famous for a fresco the upper part of which was painted by Raphael and the lower part by Perugino.

San Severo Chapel Perugia

Useful information

Address: Piazza Raffaello – 06122 Perugia. Phone: +39 075 9477727. Opening times: From 10:00 till 18:00. Admission: 4 Euros (65+: 2 Euros).

History and Description

San Severo Chapel Perugia (Raphael and Perugino)
“Trinity” (Raphael) and “Madonna and Child with Saints” (Perugino)

While the 11th century Camaldolesi Church was restored in the 18th century, the San Severo Chapel was preserved the way it was.

The Cappella di San Severo is graced by a famous fresco, the upper part of which, a “Trinity” (Trinità) was painted by Raphael. It is the only surviving work by this artist that can be admired in Perugia.

The lower part of the fresco, depicting a number of saints, is by Perugino and dates from 1521.

San Severo Chapel, Perugia

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