San Silvestro Church Alatri

The San Silvestro Church is located in a district of Alatri called the Piagge. Its 11th century crypt contains multiple Byzantine frescoes.

San Silvestro Church Alatri

Useful information

Address: Via San Silvestro – Alatri. Opening times: From 09.00 till 19.00. Ticket price: Free.

History and description

San Silvestro Church Alatri
San Silvestro Church

The San Silvestro Church was built towards the end of the 10th century. Its original austere facade, built in the Romanesque style, has remained intact all this time.

Its only exterior decoration is a rose window at the upper part of the facade.

The interior consists of two naves. The larger of the two ends in an apse. The left nave was built later, in 1331.

What to see

Byzantine frescoes in the San Silvestro Church in Alatri

The paintings in the church date from the 13th and 14th centuries and cover most of the walls in the church.

A small staircase on the left leads to the crypt, which dates from the 11th century. Here you can see very old paintings from the Byzantine period.

San Silvestro Church Alatri

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