Church of San Silvestro in Tivoli

The Chiesa di San Silvestro is a 12th century church near the Villa d’Este in Tivoli. The main attraction of the church is formed by the frescoes in the apse and on the triumphal arch.

San Silvestro Church Tivoli

Useful information

San Silvestro Church

Adres: Via del Colle – 00019 Tivoli – Italia.

History and description

The San Silvestro Church was built in a Romanesque style. Originally the interior consisted of three naves, with twelve cipollino marble columns.

The side naves were closed in the 18th century and the columns sold.

What to see

The frescoes adorning the apse and triumphal arch depict the legend of Emperor Constantine and San Silvestro. St. Sylvester was Pope during Constantine’s reign and succeeded in converting the emperor to Christianity.

San Silvestro Church, Tivoli

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