San Tommaso Church Verona

The San Tommaso Church is located in the square of the same name in Verona. The biggest attractions of this church are the organ, which used to be played by a young Mozart, and the tomb of Michele Sanmicheli, the architect who contributed to many famous palaces and churches in the city. The full name of the church is Chiesa di San Tommaso Becket.

San Tommaso Church Verona

Address, opening hours and admission

Address: Piazza S. Tommaso, 1, 37129 Verona. Phone: +39 045594466. Opening hours: N/A.


San Tommaso Church Verona
San Tommaso Church

The San Tommaso Church was built on the site where in Roman antiquity the most important necropolis of the settlement used to be. The church itself was constructed in early Christian times.

In the 11th century a new Carmelite church was constructed next to the already existing one. In 1316 this church was dedicated to Saint Thomas of Canterbury.

In 1481 it was decided to unite the two churches. The new church was inaugurated in 1504.

Several times between 1796 and 1867 all church dedicated to saint Thomas were closed and reopened.

In 1882 the church suffered sever damage when the Adige flooded.


The church has both Romanesque and neo-Gothic elements. The brick facade was never finished. The Gothic marble portal was added in 1493. It is dedorated with plant motives and statues depicting holy saints. Other elements of the facade include a rose window and some Gothic bifora’s.

The floor plan is that of a Greek cross. Michele Sanmichele, the omnipresent Veronese architect, restored the church in the 14th century. He is buried in the church, in a neoclassicist tomb from 1884.

The chapels along the side walls were added during the Renaissance. The altars are baroque, however.

There is also a big baroque organ inside the church. One of the people playing this organ was a naughty 13-year old boy, who scratched his initials into the instrument: W.S.M., which stands for Wolfgang Salisburgensis Mozart.

San Tommaso Cantuariense Church, Verona

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