Sant’Agostino Church Amatrice

Sant'Agostino Kerk Amatrice in de Sneeuw

The Sant’Agostino Church is located near the ancient city walls of Amatrice and is located next to the Porta Carbonara gateway to the historic center. Inside the church there are some interesting frescoes and the church has a beautiful entrance gate.

I originally wrote this page several years before the earthquakes of 2016 and 2017. Unfortunately, the only elements still standing after the disaster are the portal and the left wall.

Sant’Agostino Church Amatrice

Useful information

The address of the Chiesa di Sant’Agostino is Corso Umberto I – 02012 Amatrice.

History and description

Sant'Agostino Church Amatrice
The Sant’Agostino Church before the earthquake

Until the 18th century, this church was dedicated to San Nicola di Bari. The architecture is typical of the 15th century Romanesque-Gothic style, with a sandstone fa├žade, a sloping inward portal that ends in a point and the carvings in the lunette.

Above the entrance gate, the date 1428 is incised, along with the city’s coat of arms.

The facade also features a commemorative plaque that attributes the church’s architecture to Giovanni dell’Amatrice.

The rose window is an addition from the 1930s, when the old square window was replaced.

The bell tower, restored in the 20th century, stands to the right of the church and is 34 meters high.

Banned in 1809, the monastery had already fallen into complete disrepair a few decades later and there is now nothing left of it at all.

What to see

There are a number of interesting murals on display, including an Annunciazione painted in 1491, attributed to Dionisio Cappelli.

The “Madonna on the Throne with Child” was painted in 1497. If one looks closely, one can still see some figures that belonged to an older painting.

The “Madonna del Rosario” is of later date. This can be deduced from the depictions of San Domenico and Santa Caterina, which figure in the Domenican iconography (and not in that of the Agostinians).

Along the right wall of the church is a “Way of the Cross” made of 14 wooden bas-reliefs.

Sights near the Sant’Agostino Church

Close to the church is the Parco in Miniatura.

The old city gate, Porta Carbonara, still exists.

Sant’Agostino Church, Amatrice

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