Sant’Alfonso all’Esquilino Church Rome

The Sant’Alfonso all’Esquilino Church is one of the churches on the Via Merulana in Rome. Constructed in a neo-Gothic style, the building stands at the corner with Via di San Vito.

Sant’Alfonso all’Esquilino Church Rome

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Sant'Alfonso all'Esquino Church Rome
Sant’Alfonso all’Esquino Church

Address: Via Merulana, 31 – Rome. Tel: +39 06 494901 or 06 49490685. Opening hours: From 06.50 to 19.30. Entrance: Free of charge.

History and Description

The Chiesa di Sant’Alfonso all’Esquilino is considered one of the first examples of a Gothic revival in religious architecture. The church was built between 1855 and 1859 by George Wigley and restored in the early years of the 20th century by Maximilian Schmalzt.

The site of the church used to belong to the 17th century Villa Caetani. It is dedicated to the founder of the Order of the Redemptorists founded in 1732. The official name of the church is therefore Santissimo Redentore e Sant’Alfonso in Via Merulana.

The materials used for the facade are brick and marble (for the three portals). Above the central portal is a pointed arch containing a lunette with a mosaic. The mosaic depicts “Our Lady of Perpetual Help.” The fa├žade itself, decorated with a rose window, also ends in a pointed arch. This is under a pointed roof, just as the pointed arch of the portal sits within a pointed tympanum. The statue on this tympanum depicts the Savior Himself.

The church is built above the present street level and its entrance is therefore reached by a high, steep staircase.

The interior consists of three naves and is richly decorated with mosaics. The most striking piece of art is another “Our Lady of Perpetual Help” painted in the 14th century.

Sant’Alfonso all’Esquilino Church, Rome

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