Sant’Angelo della Pace Church Perugia

The Sant’Angelo della Pace church in Perugia is located near the Arco dei Gigli, at the corner of Via delle Prome. Today this deconsecrated church is used as a warehouse for the city’s most famous library.

Sant’Angelo della Pace Church Perugia

Useful information

Address: Piazza Gio. Battista Rossi Scotti, 10, 06122 Perugia. Phone: N/A.

History and description

The church is no longer used as such since it has been secularized, but is used, among other things, as a warehouse for the Biblioteca Augusta nextdoor.

It was built in the 16th century, by order of Cardinal Tiberio Crispo, on the site of a former loggia.

The name della pace (“of Peace”) the church owes to Pope Paul II Farnese, who decreed this peace after the so-called “salt war” lost by Perugia in 1540.

Secularization took place after the unification of Italy, when many religious buildings were expropriated by the state.

Attractions near the Sant’Angelo della Pace church

The Palazzo Conestabile della Stafa next to the church served as the Academy of Drawing from the 16th century to 1812, precursor to today’s Art Academy.

Sant’Angelo della Pace Church, Perugia

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