Church of Sant’Antonio Abate Pistoia

The Sant’Antonio Abate Church in Pistoia is also known as the Chiesa del Tau. The associated monastery now serves as the seat of the Centro di Documentazione Marino Marini.

Sant’Antonio Abate Church Pistoia

Useful information

The address of the Chiesa del Tau is Corso Silvano Fedi, 72 – Pistoia. Opening hours: Not known. Entrance fee: Free.

History and description

Sant'Antonio Abate Church Pistoia
Fresco cycle

The Sant’Antonio Abate Church was built in the 14th century by Fra Giovanni Guidotti. The church was managed by the Brotherhood of the Canons of St. Anthony. These were also called the Friars of the Tau, because of the St. Anthony’s Cross in the form of the letter “T”, which is, depicted on their habit.

After this order was suppressed in 1774, the church was deconsecrated and in 1787 even sold, along with the associated monastery, to private owners.

It was turned into an apartment complex until it was renovated by the Monuments Trust in 1962.

The church consists of a single nave.

What to see

The presbytery is raised. The frescoess date from the 14th century and were painted partly by Niccolò di Tommaso and partly by Antonio Vite. The paintings depict scenes from both the Old and New Testaments as well as events from the life of St. Antonio Abate himself.

Marino Marini sculptures

There are also a number of sculptures by 20th century sculptor Marino Marini in the church. The collection of the Centro di Documentazione Marino Marini, founded in 1979, consists of about 300 works by the sculptor. Many of these can be viewed here, but others are omly preserved here, to be used in other exhibitions.

Sant’Antonio Abate Church Pistoia

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