Church of Sant’Egidio Abate in Tolfa

The Chiesa di Sant’Egidio Abate is the most important church in Tolfa. Although several elements were added and/or changed later, the main structure was built in the 16th century.

Sant’Egidio Abate Church Tolfa

Useful information

Address: Via XX Settembre, 1 – 00059 Tolfa. Phone: +39 0766 92009. Opening times: There are several masses in the morning. Ticket price: Free. (Note that prices and times may be subject to change.)

History and description

Sant'Egidio Abate Church Tolfa
Sant’Egidio Abate Church Tolfa

It is not certain exactly when the Sant’Egidio Abate Church was built, although it is known that it was restored several times between 1550 and 1585.

The original church was smaller than it is today. It consisted of only one nave, with a main altar and two side chapels.

The growth of Tolfa made it necessary to enlarge the church. The renovation of the church started in 1630. The main difference was that the church now had three naves.

Additions over the years were the wooden choir, the enlargement of the sacristy and the new covering of the ceiling.

The bell tower was built between 1547 and 158 and has 5 bells, the oldest of which dates from the 16th century.

In the 20th century, the floor and the facade, with the relief angels, were restored.

What to see

The right nave of the church has three chapels, the the central one being dedicated to Sant’Antonio Abate himself. The baptismal font is also located in the right nave.

The gilded bust of the saint is carried in a procession through the town on his feast day.

There are also a number of smallish paintings depicting the 15 happy, sad and glorious mysteries of the Rosary. (Three of the paintings have been lost.)

The Chapel of the Redeemer, in the left nave, is so named because it contains a painting of the Redentore on a Cloud.

The urn containing the mortal remains of the martyr Santa Cristina was moved to the church in 1733 from a Catacomb along the Via Ostiense.

There used to be two cabinets in the church, containing as many as 427 sacred relics.

Sant’Egidio Abate Church Tolfa

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