Sant’Egidio Church Cellere

The Sant’Egidio Church is the main tourist attraction of the town of Cellere in the province of Viterbo. Although situated in a small provincial town, it is considered important enough to have been depicted on an Italian postage stamp.

Sant’Egidio Church Cellere

History and description

Sant'Egidio Church Cellere
Sant’Egidio Church

The Sant’Egidio Church is dedicated to the patron saint of Cellere and is also the most important monument in the city from an architectural point of view.

The church was built between 1512 and 1520 by the famous architect Antonio da Sangallo the Younger, who had been commissioned to do so by Cardinal Alessandro Farnese.

The original project for the construction is on display in the Galleria degli Uffizi in Florence.

The floor plan is that of a Greek cross, and the floor itself is perfectly hexagonal in shape. The walls are decorated with a number of frescoes painted in the 16th century.

The church of Sant’Egidio is depicted on a postage stamp belonging to the thematic series “The artistic and cultural patrimonium of Italy”.

Sant’Egidio Church, Cellere

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