Sant’Erasmo Island Venice

Sant’Erasmo is an island in the lagoon of Venice. It is located between the islands of Burano, Murano and Punta Sabbioni. This former military stronghold is now pretty much the city’s vegetable garden.

Sant’Erasmo Island Venice

History and description

Torre Massimiliana Venice
Torre Massimiliana

The Isola di Sant’Erasmo was already inhabited in Roman times. During the Middle Ages it had an important strategic function to protect the island of Lido.

There are still some military structures on the island, the most famous being the Torre Massimiliana, which was built in 1813. This tower is named after the Austrian emperor who took refuge here during a popular uprising.

Sant’Erasmo‘s main source of income is agriculture. It is here that most of the vegetables sold in Venice are grown.

Public transportation

Sant’Erasmo can be reached by vaporetto line 13.

Sant’Erasmo Island, Venice

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