Sant’Eugenio Basilica Rome

The Basilica of Sant’Eugenio is a new but fairly impressive church in the Pinciano district in Rome, a short walk from the Villa Giulia and the city’s Etruscan Museum.

Sant’Eugenio Basilica Rome

Useful information

The address of the Chiesa di Sant’Eugenio is Viale delle Belle Arti, 10 (tel. +39 063201923). Streetcar: 2, 19. Opening hours: Weekdays from 08:00 to 14:00 and 16:00 to 20:00; Sundays and holidays from 09:00 to 14:00 and 16:00 to 20:00. Entrance fee: Free of charge.

History and description

Basilica of sant'Eugenio Rome
Basilica of Sant’Eugenio

The Sant’Eugenio Church was only consecrated in 1951, by Pope Pius XII. It was designed by the architects Enrico Galeazzi and Mario Redini. The church was given to the Catholic world in 1942 to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the appointment as bishop of Pope Pius XII himself.

The church is dedicated to Sant’Eugenio because Eugenio was the pope’s real first name.

The facade of the basilica is fairly impressively decorated with symbols of the Evangelists. The side looks a bit clunky, although the dome is handsome.

The floor plan is that of a Latin cross and the basilica has three naves separated by huge columns. There are 3 chapels on the left and two on the right. The works of art in the Sant’Eugenio Church are modern and, especially in the left nave, quite beautiful.

What to see

The facade has a large central gate and two smaller doors on the side. Above these two are statues depicting the “Allegory of Justice and of Peace” created by Alessandro Monteleone.

The upper level of the facade has a large window flanked by the symbols of the four Evangelists (by Francesco Nagni).

The dome is crowned by a bronze statue of San Michele Arcangelo made by A. Gerardi. Both the dome and the bell tower at the back of the church are best admired from Via Bruno Buozzi, which runs parallel to Viale delle Belle Arti but is a lot higher.

Between the chapels on the left are stained glass windows depicting the saints (popes) Marcellus I, Silvester I and Damasus I.

The stained glass window between the two chapels on the right depicts Pope Gregory VII.

The Cappella del Santissimo Sacramento is located to the left of the main altar.

In the transept are the Altar of Our Lady of Fatima (left) and of Saints Peter and Paul (right).

The bronze statue of Sant’Eugenio near the high altar was made by Attilio Selva.

The mosaics with religious allegories in the apse were made by Ferruccio Ferrazzi.

Basilica of Sant’Eugenio, Rome

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