Sant’Omobono Church Rome

The Sant’Omobono Church in Rome is built on top of the already existing San Salvatore in Portico Church. The church is not being used at the moment.

Sant’Omobono Church Rome

Useful information

Address: Vico Jugario – Rome. District: Campitelli. Opening hours: The church cannot be visited.

History and description

Sant'Omobono Church Rome
Sant’Omobono Church

The first documents mentioning the church date back to the 15th century. There were several restorations in the course of the centuries. The last one was in 1933, when Mussolini had a big part of the neighborhood completely turned upside down.

The church has a single nave. The tomb of the Satri family, who financed the 1482 reconstruction, is placed next to the Sant’Omobono altar.

Sant’Omobono Church, Rome

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