Santa Caterina Church Acquapendente

The Santa Caterina Church is located behind the Sant’Agostino Church in the Via Roma in Acquapendente (province of Viterbo). The official name of the church is the Sant’Antonio Abate and Santa Caterina Church.

Santa Caterina Church Acquapendente

History and description

Santa Caterina Church Acquapendente
Santa Caterina Church

The facade of this church was designed by the architect Guglielmo Meluzzi towards the end of the 19th century. It can be seen from the design that Meluzzi wanted to use the lower part of the nearby bell tower of the Sant’Agostino Church as a frame of reference.

From an inscription under the window above the portal, one can see that the church was originally dedicated to the Saints Antonio Abate and Caterina: D.O.M in HONOREM SS. Antonii Ab. et Catharinae V.M. aedes dicata.

What to see

A wooden statue depicting the Madonna of Loreto.

In the San Rocco Chapel is another wooden statue, depicting Saint Rochus himself.

he symbolic figures above the ledge represent the sacraments.

There is a statue of Sant’Antonio Abate himself in a niche in the apse. To the left of this is an image of Santa Caterina holding a wheel as a symbol of her martyrdom.

The altar is decorated with graffiti by local artist Mario Vinci.

The vaults were executed in 1965 by Ennio Luzzi, also from Acquapendente.

Two bells hang in the small bell tower. The larger of the two, as an inscription indicates, was casted in 1621 by Sebastiano di Acquapendente.

Santa Caterina Church, Acquapendente

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