Santa Caterina a Magnanapoli Church Rome

The 17th century Santa Caterina a Magnanapoli Church is located at the end of the Via Nazionale in Rome. It can be visited only on Saturdays and Sundays. The full name of the church is Santa Caterina da Siena a Magnanapoli.

Santa Caterina a Magnanapoli Church Rome

Useful information

The address of the Chiesa di Santa Caterina a Magnanapoli is Salita del Grillo, 37 – Rome (District: Monti). Tel: +39 066795100. Bus: 64. Entrance fee: Free. Opening Hours: Saturday and Sunday, from 09.00 to 12.00.

History and description

Santa Caterina a Magnanapoli Church

Construction of the Chiesa di Santa Caterina took from 1628 to 1641. It was commissioned by Pope Urban VIII and the architect who designed the church was Giovan Battista Soria. An earlier version of the church, paid for by Cardinal Scipione Borghese and designed by Carlo Maderno had been demolished in 1613, after 5 years of work.

When the church was built, the convent of the same name had already been in existence for half a century. It was built against the neighboring 13th century Torre delle Milizie, which was damaged as a result, but which probably also ensured that this tower was not completely demolished.

The church has a late Baroque façade with two rows of pillars and an entrance gate with three arches. The steps leading from either side to this entrance were added in the beginning of the 20th century.

The interior consists of a single nave, with three chapels on either side.

The Crypt at the foot of the steps is dedicated to the priests fallen during World War I and was placed there in 1934.

What to see

  • The vault is decorated with the fresco “The Glory of Santa Caterina” by Luigi Garzi (1713).
  • “The Ecstasy of Santa Caterina” in the Presbytery was originally attributed to Bernini, but was actually made by Melchiorre Caffà.
  • Carlo Marchionni was responsible for both the tabernacle and the main altar.
  • The 3rd chapel on the north side is graced by a “Madonna del Rosario” by Giovanni Battista Passeri.

Salita del Grillo, 37 – Rome