Santa Chiara Basilica Assisi

Santa Chiara Basilica Assisi

The Santa Chiara Basilica in Assisi already existed when the body of Saint Chiara, who died in 1253, was brought here by Saint Damiano. Originally Saint Francis himself was buried here as well, but he was later transferred to the basilica named after him. The cross that is said to have spoken to him can still be seen in the Basilica di Santa Chiara. The most striking characteristic is formed by the three enormous arches supporting the left wall.

Santa Chiara Basilica Assisi

Address, opening hours and entrance fee

Address: Piazza di Santa Chiara, Assisi, Italy. Telephone: +39 075812282. Opening hours: From 06.30 to 12.00 and from 14.00 to 19.00. (During winter time the church closes one hour earlier.) Closed: Never.

History and Description

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Santa Chiara Basilica

The Santa Chiara Basilica is a Gothic-style church, similar to the Basilica Superiore, with wide columns and a two-coloured (white and pink) façade with a beautiful rose window.

It consists of a single nave, with a cruciform floor plan.

The church was designed by a Friar called Filippo da Campello and its construction was completed in 1257.

Although the church was severely damaged in the 1997 earthquake and cannot be visited in its entirety, the presbytery still contains a number of frescoes depicting the life of the saint.

What to see

Santa Chiara Basilica Assisi

The aforementioned murals in the presbytery.

The Cross that addressed St Francis is in the Capella del Crucifisso on the left.

In the same chapel are some relics, including the cassock and the breviary of St Francis, as well as the cassock and a small box containing locks of Santa Chiara‘s hair.

Crypt of Santa Chiara

The Saint is buried in a crypt, which is located below the nave.

Santa Chiara Basilica, Assisi

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