Santa Giusta Church Atessa

Also called Santa Giusta Church, the Chiesa della Madonna Immacolata della Cintura is located in the Santa Croce neighborhood of Atessa.

Santa Giusta Church Atessa

Useful information

Santa Giusta Church Atessa

Address: Via Fontana Vecchia – 66041 Atessa. Phone: +39 0872 865656.

History and description

The Chiesa di Madonna Immacolata della Cintura is located in Via Menotti De Francesco. It actually consists of two churches, the upper (superiore) and the lower (inferiore) one.

The lower one is dedicated to the Madonna dei Raccomandati and was built in the 14th century.

The present church is the upper one of the two and is still decorated exactly as it was when it was built, in the early years of the 18th century. This church is dedicated to Santa Giusta.

The most striking feature of the facade is the triangular bell tower.

The interior consists of three richly decorated with multicolored plasterwork. The dome is oval in shape.

Santa Giusta Church Atessa

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