Santa Lucia Church Padua

The Santa Lucia Church is a small church next to the San Rocco Oratorium in Padua. It is also known as the “Church of the Perpetual Adoration”.

Santa Lucia Church Padua

Address, opening hours and entrance fee

Address: Via Santa Lucia, 59 – 35139 Padova. Phone: . Opening hours: From 07.00 till 19.00 (closed during lunch time). Entrance fee: Free. (Note: Due to the Covid crisis, opening hours may differ from what is indicated here).

History and description

Santa Lucia Church Padua
Santa Lucia Church

The Santa Lucia Church is also called Chiesa dell’Adorazione Perpetua. It was originally built in the 10th century. After several renovations, the church was completely reconstructed in the middle of the 17th century.

The architect was Gerolamo Frigimelica and the builder Sante Bonato.

The facade is sober, with four columns, a tympanum and a big central portal. Above the two small side portals are niches with statues representing the “saints Peter and Paul”. The sculptor was Giovanni Bonazza.

The interior consists of a single nave and a presbytery.

Inside the church there are twelve statues of the apostles, by various sculptors, including Giovanni Bonazza and his son AntonioAntonio da Verona, Giacomo Contiero and Giuseppe Casetti.

The “Incredulity of Thomas” was painted by Il Padovanino.

Gian Battista Tiepolo painted the “Saint Luke” to the left of the presbytery.

Amleto Sartori was responsible for the altar piece of the presbytery. It is called “Church in Prayer and the Glory of the Eucharist” and was sculpted in 1959. Sartori (1951-1962) started his artistic career as a sculptor, but later became famous as a maker of masks for theatre. In Abano Terme, near Padua, there is an entire museum, International Museum of the Masks of Amleto and Donato Sartori, dedicated to his work.

Santa Lucia Church, Padua

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