Santa Lucia in Selci Church Rome

The Church of Santa Lucia in Selci is located on the Via in Selci in the Monti district of Rome. This largely Borromini-designed church contains a number of artworks by Cavalier d’Arpino and others.

Santa Lucia in Selci Church Rome

Useful information

Address: Via in Selci, 82 – Rome. Tel: +39 06 4827623. The Chiesa di Santa Lucia in Selci is only open on Sundays (9.30-10.30) for Holy Mass. As with all churches, entering with uncovered shoulders and knees is prohibited. Admission, as with other churches in Rome, is free.

History and description

The Santa Lucia in Selci Church dates back to the 8th century, but its present appearance is the result of a restoration carried out by Borromini in the early 17th century.

The interior consists of a single nave with a barrel vault and on the sides six niches with stucco decorations.

The choir was probably also designed by Borromini, who was also responsible for the Cappella Landi.

Cavalier d’Arpino painted the work “Dio Padre” above the main entrance as well as the canvas SS. Trinità e i SS.Agostino e Monica in the Cappella Landi.

Via in Selci, 82 – Rome