Santa Maria Annunziata in Borgo Church Rome

The Santa Maria Annunziata in Borgo Church is the fotmer oratory of the Santo Spirito in Saxia Hospital in the Borgo district of Rome. It was demolished in the mid-20th century and completely rebuilt on its current site.

Santa Maria Annunziata in Borgo Church Rome

Practical information

The address of the Chiesa di Santa Maria Annunziata in Borgo (nicknamed Annunziatella) is Lungotevere Vaticano, 1 – 00193 Roma (tel. +39 0668801049). Opening hours: Unknown. Admission: free.


Santa Maria Annunziata in Borgo Church Rome
Santa Maria Annunziata in Borgo Church

The Santa Maria Annunziata Church was founded in 1688 as an Oratory for the religious brotherhood at the Santo Spirito in Sassia Hospital. The wing where the church was used to be located no longer exists today.

In 1742, this wing was reconstructed by Ferdinando Fuga. The oratory was rebuilt opposite it by Pietro Passalacqua.

When the oratory was razed to the ground to make way for the Via della Conciliazione, the friars protested until they were promised a new church.

This church was eventually built, identical to the original one, on its present site. It is thus much less old than it looks, since its consecration took place in 1950 (on the occasion of the Jubilee).

All the furniture, decorations and even frescoes from the old church were transferred to the new location.

The interior consists of an auditorium with rounded corners and, in addition to the decorations of the old oratory, there are several wors of art from the Sant’Angelo dei Corridori Church, also demolished but not rebuilt in 1937, including the “Madonna del Latte with Child,” a fersco by Antoniazzo Romano.

To the right of the entrance is a bronze sculpture group attributed to Albert Gefèvre, representing “The Archangel Michael in Battle with Lucifer.”

A lunette shows “The Procession of Gregory I,” depicting an event from 590 that would eventually lead to the placement of the statue of Archangel Michael atop the Castel Sant’Angelo.

Santa Maria Annunziata in Borgo Church Rome