Santa Maria Assunta Cathedral Nepi

The current Santa Maria Assunta Cathedral of Nepi was probably built on the site of an earlier, 5th century church. The structure of the current building dates back to the 7th century. Over the years, the church has been restored many times. The last time this happened was after French troops had set fire to it in 1798. The beautiful crypt is a remnant of the earliest version of the cathedral.

Santa Maria Assunta Cathedral Nepi

Useful information

Santa Maria Assunta Cathedral Nepi
Santa Maria Assunta Cathedral

Address: Via Luigi Cadorna, 6 or Piazza Duomo, 1 – 01036 Nepi. Telephone: +39 0761 557919. Admission: Free. Hours: Not known.

History and description

The Santa Maria Assunta Cathedral was built on the site where a pagan temple used to be, near what is now the Piazza del Comune. As early as the 5th century, this temple was replaced by the first, early Christian incarnation of the cathedral.

This church was razed to the ground in the 6th century during the Longobard invasion. From then on, it was destroyed and reconstructed several times.

In the 11th century it was rebuilt by order of the then Bishop Innocenzo Pegatesco.

During the following centuries the church was gradually enlarged. More and more works of art were added, but most of these were destroyed when the French reduced the cathedral to ashes.

In the 19th century, Bishop Basilici had the cathedral reconstructed yet again.

What to see

The portico preceding the entrance was part of the old Romanesque structure. The interior has five naves. Highlights are the crypt, located under the presbiterium, and the sarcophagus of San Romano on the main altar.

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Santa Maria Assunta Cathedral, Nepi

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