Santa Maria Assunta Cathedral Vasanello

The Santa Maria Assunta Church is the cathedral of Vasanello in the province of Viterbo, originally built in the 10th century. Highlights are the 12th century paintings in the apse and crypt.

Santa Maria Assunta Cathedral Vasanello

Address, opening hours and entrance fee

Adres: Piazza della Repubblica, 291 – 01030 Vasanello. Toegangsprijs: Gratis.

History and description

Santa Maria Assunta Cathedral Vasanello

The Santa Maria Assunta Cathedral was probably built on the ruins of a pagan temple. The church itself dates from the 10th century, but the portico is a 15th century addition.

A number of archaeological finds are on display underneath the portico.

The church is built against the city wall and is divided into three naves. At the end is a presbytery, with some apses. The bell tower was originally a bastion in this city wall and was later raised.

In the smaller apses are two 12th century frescoes, showing Byzantine influences. The first depicts the “Savior with Saints Peter and Paul,” with a book with the text Ego sum lux mundi on it. What can still be seen from the other fresco is a central figure, with the words Beatus qui me servit.

The Romanesque capitals are decorated with geometric figures, acanthus leaves and fantastic animals.

Other attractions are the panel painted by an anonymous artist with the “Assumption” and a baptismal font dating back to the 16th century. The panel is located on a tabernacle from the 16th century. The baptismal font is in a round cell next to the bell tower.

The crypt contains some relics of the patron saint Lanno, discovered in 1628, in a glass urn made in the 18th century by the Florentine sculptor Gioacchino Mortula. During restoration work in 1925, a large altar decorated with the head of a ram, garlands and birds, among other things, was also found here.

Santa Maria Assunta Cathedral Vasanello

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