Santa Maria Assunta Church Cisterna di Latina

The Santa Maria Assunta Church is the Cathedral of Cisterna di Latina. The first version was built in the 16th century. However, its current reincarnation is a post-World War II reconstruction of a late 18th century version.

Santa Maria Assunta Church Cisterna di Latina

History and description

Santa Maria Assunta Church Cisterna di Latina

The Santa Maria Assunta Church was originally located in the old city. In 1582, through a fusion with the San Paolo Church of nearby Ninfa, it became a Collegiate Church. Ninfa does not exist any more as a city, but the Gardens of Ninfa are among the most beautiful ones of the country.

Francesco Caetani had the church completely rebuilt in 1793, in what is now the Piazza XIX Marzo. The architect was Cosimo Morelli. Francesco Giacomo, Vincenzo VilĂ  and Cavallucci da Sermoneta contributed most of the frescoes.

After bombardments during World War II had almost completely destroyed the church, it was reconstructed following the original floor plan. The frescoes and stucco decorations that used to embellish the interior could however not be salvaged.

The present decorations are modern. The bronze door dates back to 1981 and was made by Angelo Biancini. The bas-relief decorations adorning this door depict events from the history of Cisterno di Latina. Biancini was also responsible for several of the interor decorations, including the “Via Crucis”.

The statue depicting San Rocco was made by Fabio Provinciali. San Rocco had become the patron saint of Cisterna after having saved its inhabitants during a Plague epidemic in 1837. The statue was placed in the church in 1845.

Santa Maria Assunta Church, Cisterna di Latina

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