Santa Maria del Carmine Church Milan

The Santa Maria del Carmine Church is one of the most important churches in Milan. It is located in the Brera district. The highlight of the church is its neo-Gothic facade. Several times a week, Mass is celebrated here in English.

Santa Maria del Carmine Church Milan

Address, Opening Hours and Admission Price

The address of the Chiesa di Santa Maria del Carmine is Piazza del Carmine, 2 – 20121 Milano (tel. +39 0286463765). Metro: Cairoli (M1), Lanza (M2). Opening hours: 08.00 to 18.30. Entrance fee: Free.

Special Events.

On Sundays, three masses are held in English (08.30, 10.30 and 16.30). On Thursdays (17.00), Mass is celebrated in both English and Tagalog.

History and description

Santa Maria del Carmine Church Milan
Santa Maria del Carmine Church

The current version of the Santa Maria del Carmine Church was designed by Antonio Pozzone in 1673 , but was finally completed only in 1880, with the facade designed by Carlo Maciachini.

As indicated by two bas reliefs on either side of the central entrance, when it was built the church was dedicated to the “Annunciation”. Later it was renamed Chiesa della Purificazione, until it acquired its current name.

Over the centuries, the church collapsed and was rebuilt several times..

The bell tower was built by Sandrini in 1664, but was lowered by the Austrians in the 18th century.

The facade is considered one of the most important examples of neo-Gothic Lombard art. It is made of brick and has three rose windows.

The Order of the Carmelites settled in Milan in the mid-12th century. In 1268 the first mass was celebrated in a pavilion near the present-day Castello Sforzesco, and shortly thereafter construction of a church began.

Although the church was immediately rebuilt after a fire in 1330, in the late 14th century the Carmelites moved to the Porta Comasina to build a new church and convent.

In 1400, Gian Galeazzo designed the new church and Bernardo Da Venezia was put in charge of its construction. In 1446 this building collapsed. Three years later Pietro Antonio Solari was elected to lead its reconstruction, which was encouraged by almost the entire aristocracy of Milan.

Some members of these aristocratic families would later be buried in the church’s various chapels.

After a major reconstruction in the 17th century, many works of art were also added to the interior of the church.

What to see

Chapel 1 on the right: In this Madonna del Carmine Chapel hangs the “Madonna between the Saints” by Camillo Procaccino, who worked on this chapel from 1616 to 1619.

The “Madonna between Two Angels” near the altar was painted by Volpino.

Camillo Procaccino also painted the Circoncisione above the second arch on the right.

Several large canvases by Procaccino can also be seen in the rest of the church.

Camillo Mandriani painted the canvas depicting “San Giacomo.”

Fiammenghino was responsible for the “Triumph of Paradise” on the left wall.

The “Resurrection of Lazarus” is also by Fiammenghino.

The “Madonna with Child and Saints” on the back wall was painted by Nuvolose.

Santa Maria del Carmine Church, Milan

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