Santa Maria in Castello Church Tarquinia

The Santa Maria in Castello Church is the largest and most impressive church in the center of Tarquinia. It stands on the west side of the historic center, where the Castrum Cargnetum, the oldest part of the city, was located.

Santa Maria in Castello Church Tarquinia

Address, opening times and ticket price

The address of the Chiesa di Santa Maria in Castello is Via di Porta Castello, 35, 01016 Tarquinia. Opening hours: Friday Saturday, Sunday from 10:00 to 13:00 and from 15:00 to 18:00.

History and description

Santa Maria in Castello Church Tarquinia
Santa Maria in Castello Church

Until 1435 the Santa Maria in Castello Church was the Cathedral of Tarquinia. Then it fell into oblivion for a an extended period of time, before undergoing restoration work at various times in history.

The original version of the church was built between 1121 and 1208, on the pre-existing medieval Santa Maria ad Rupes Chapel.

The architecture of the church shows influences from Northern Europe as well as from Lombard and Arab architectural styles.

The most important elements are the Cosmatesque decorations (by Nicola and Pietro di Ranuccio), the polygonal baptismal font, the ciborium and the ambo (a small stone pulpit) by Giovanni di Guittone.

The facade is characterized by three portals with semi-circular arches. High on the central wall is a typical Lombardy rose window. (On the opposite wall is an oculus).

The belfry is an 18th century addition.

Santa Maria in Castello Church, Tarquinia

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