Santa Maria Church Sperlonga

The Santa Maria Church (Sanctae Mariae de Sperlonche) is the oldest church in Sperlonga. It has been closed for a number of years due to restoration work. Nowadays it mainly hosts concerts and other cultural events.

Santa Maria Church Sperlonga

Useful Information

The address of the church is Via Porta Piccola – 04029 Sperlonga.

History and Description

The Chiesa di Santa Maria was built in the early 12th century. It is characterized by two naves, to which other spaces have been added over the centuries.

The main altar is adorned by a painting depicting the Madonna Assunta. When Pope Leo I (also known as Pope Leo the Great) was declared the patron saint of Sperlonga in the early 18th century, the old Cappella del Presepe (back right) and a statue of the Napoletano school were dedicated to him.

Together with the San Domenico Chapel with a painted vault and an 18th century altar, the main attractions in this church are the various wall paintings, some of which date back to the 12th century.

The religious function of the church was taken over by the Santa Maria Assunta in Cielo Church (Piazza Europa – 04029 Sperlonga) built in 1964.

Santa Maria Church, Sperlonga