Church of Santa Maria della Consolazione Todi

The Santa Maria della Consolazione Church is located just outside the city walls of Todi and is among the most appealing Renaissance buildings in Umbria. The church is even more impressive since it is not surrounded by any other buildings.

Santa Maria della Consolazione Church Todi

Useful information

The address of the Chiesa di Santa Maria della Consolazione is via della Consolazione – 06059 Todi (tel. +39 0758 944382). Opening hours: Unknown. Admission: Free.

Special Events

Every year on September 8 there is a special feast in honor of a miraculous healing thanks to an effigy of the Madonna that can be seen in the church (see below).

History and curiosities

Santa Maria della Consolazione Church Todi
Santa Maria della Consolazione Church

Construction of the church started in 1508, but it would take a century for it to be completed. Unlike the buildings in the historic center of the town, which have a medieval architecture, the Santa Maria della Consolazione Church was built in Renaissance style.

The church was probably (but this is not entirely certain) designed by Bramante. However, it is certain that a number of other famous architects (including Antonio da Sangallo il Giovane, Jacopo Barozzi nicknamed “Il Vignola” and Baldassarre Peruzzi) contributed to it.

The floor plan is that of a Greek cross, with four apses.


The main altar itself could have been made by Andrea Polinori.

The windows were designed by Valentino Martelli (1587).

The four eagles on the terrace are by Antonio Rosignoli (1601-04).

The dome is probably by Francesco Casella.

The baroque, eastern portal was made in the 17th century, while the southern one dates back to 1713. The western portal was designed by Luigi Poletti and is the most recent one (1846).

The domed vaults were decorated by Filippo da Meli.

The pendentives of the vault are by G.B. Gardona da Ligornetto and Francesco Casella (1579-82) and depict the Evangelists.

Between the baroque altars in the niches are rather sober older altars, composed of planks on 4 pillars.

Church of Santa Maria della Consolazione, Todi

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