Santa Maria delle Grazie Church Anghiari

The main sight of Anghiari is the Santa Maria delle Grazie church, thanks to a terracotta by the hand of Andrea della Robbia and other works of art. This church, also known as Chiesa del Fosso, is located opposite the Torre dell’Orologio. Many works of art in the church are older than the building itself.

Santa Maria delle Grazie Church Anghiari

Useful information

Address: Via Propositura, 6 – 52031 Anghiari. Phone: +39 0575 788041. Opening hours: Not known. Entrance: Free.

History and description

Madonna delle Grazie Church Anghiari
Santa Maria delle Grazie

The current version of the Chiesa di Santa Maria delle Grazie was built between 1628 and 1740. The architect of this neoclassical church was Giovanni Battista Bellini. Over the centuries the church has been remodeled many times.

The church consists of a single nave with a coffered ceiling.

Works of art

(The studio of) Andrea della Robbia was responsible for the glazed terracotta “Madonna delle Grazie” behind the main altar.

Giovanni Antonio Sogliani, an artist from Florence, painted the panel with “the Washing of the Feet” and the “Last Supper.” Sogliani (1492-1544), several of whose works can be seen in the Cathedral of Pisa, worked on the panel from 1531 to 1533.

Domenico di Bartolomeo Ubaldini, nicknamed il Puligo, painted the “Descent from the Cross” above the altar. This painting from 1515 was, at least according to Vasari, a highlight of his oeuvre.

Santa Maria delle Grazie Church Anghiari