Santa Maria Forisportam Church Lucca

The Santa Maria Forisportam Church is located in the square of the same name in Lucca. Highlights include the decorated architraves inside the church and two paintings created by Guercino in the 16th century.

Santa Maria Forisportam Church Lucca

Address, opening hours and entrance fee

Address: Piazza Santa Maria Forisportam (or Piazza della Colonna Mozza) – Lucca. Opening hours: From 07:30 to 12:30 and from 15:00 to 18:30. In low season the church is open only in the mornings. Entrance: Free.


Santa Maria Forisportam Church Lucca
Santa Maria Forisportam Church

The Santa Maria Forisportam Church is also known as the Santa Maria Bianca Church. The name is explained by the fact that the church was located outside the Roman city walls until the 13th century. These walls ran where Via della Rosa is today.

The church was built by the year 1180 and consists of three naves, a transept and an apse.


The bottom part of the exterior is characterized by blind loggias framed partly by half columns (façade and apse) and partly by pillars (side walls and transept). The apse ends in a small loggia with an architrave.

The white façade has three doors adorned with architraves decorated with classical motifs.

The column in front of the church dates back to Roman times and was used during the Middle Ages to announce the palio.

What to see

The interior still shows some traces of Roman times, while the columns with capitals are from the Middle Ages.

The biggest highlights are two paintings by Guercino, a “Santa Lucia” and an “Assumption of Mary.”

The main altar was made in 1595 by Vincenzo Civitali.

There is also a sundial in the church. The light comes in through a hole in the east wall.

Santa Maria Forisportam Church Lucca