Santa Maria di Loreto al Foro di Traiano Church Rome

The Santa Maria di Loreto al Foro Traiano Church is located near Trajan’s Column in Rome. Inside the church, two paintings by Cavalier d’Arpino are among the highlights.

Santa Maria di Loreto al Foro di Traiano Church Rome

Useful information

The address of the Chiesa di Santa Maria di Loreto al Foro Traiano is Piazza della Madonna di Loreto, 26 (tel. +39 06 6792235). Neighborhood: Rione Trevi. Bus: 51, 85, 87, 117, 186, 810. Opening hours: Sundays and holidays from 08:30 to 13:00 and from 16:00 to 19:00. The rest of the week the church is only open in the afternoon. Admission: Free.

History and description

The Santa Maria di Loreto Church was built in the 16th century by the Confraternita dei Fornari (“Brotherhood of the Bakers”). In order to be able to build the church, a previously existing chapel needed to be destroyed. Construction began in 1507. The first architect was Antonio da Sangallo il Giovane, but Jacopo del Duca was to finally complete the work in 1576.

Between 1867 and 1873 a restoration was carried out and the sacristy was also renovated.

The lower level of the faade is made of laterizio (the typical Roman thin brick) and travertine marble. The upper level of the church consists of an octagonal dome with a lantern on top.

The interior of the church is also octagonal. The church has four chapels.

What to see

The sculpture group on the tympanum above the portal was created in 1550 by Andrea Sansovino and depicts “The Virgin and Child and the House in Loreto”.

Jacopo del Duca was responsible for the angels above the side entrances.

Cavalier d’Arpino painted the “Birth of the Virgin” (1630) and the “Transit”.

Stefano Maderno sculpted the angels that can be seen in the church.

The sculpture “Santa Susanna” was made by Fran├žois Duquesnoy (1640).

The main altar was designed by Gaspare De Vecchi (1628). Above this altar there is a coffered ceiling.

Rossetti was responsible for the mosaic depicting Santa Caterina della Rota (1554).

Piazza della Madonna di Loreto, 26 – Rome

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