Santa Maria Nuova Basilica Abbiategrasso

The Santa Maria Nuova Basilica is a 14th century church in Abbiategrasso near Milan. Highlights are the pronaos on the facade and its portico.

Santa Maria Nuova Basilica Abbiategrasso

Useful information

Address: Via Borsani – 20081 Abbiategrasso. Phone: +39 02 9465323.

History and description

The Santa Maria Nuova Basilica was founded in 1365. In 1388, the church was dedicated to Maria Nascente. The motive for this change was the birth of the son of Gian Galeazzo Visconti, Giovanni Maria.

Francesco Croce was responsible for a baroque style reorganization of the interior, in 1740.

The church was restored between 1987 and 1990.

The biggest attraction of this church is its Renaissance portico, which is decorated with terracotta ornaments.

The pronaos protecting the fresco of the Madonna enlivening the facade was added between 1595 and 1602. Initially the pronaos was believed to be the work of Bramante. In reality it was designed by the Roman architect Tolomeo Rinaldi.

The interior is graced by 18th century frescoes by Giovanni Valtorta. The altar piece, the “Madonna giving the Cord to Saint-Francis” by Giovanni Crespi (aka il Cerano) and several 15th century wall paintings.

Giovanni Crespi was a Lombard painter, whose birth year is not known. He died in 1632, in Milan. His most famous work is the “Archangel Michael” in the Castello Sforzesco in Milan.

Santa Maria Nuova Basilica, Abbiategrasso

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