Santa Maria del Pianto Church Rome

The Santa Maria del Pianto Church in Rome owes its origins to a nearby weeping Madonna fresco.

Santa Maria del Pianto Church Rome

Adres, openingstijden en toegangsprijs

The address of the Chiesa di Santa Maria del Pianto is Via di Santa Maria de’ Calderari, 29 – Rome. Rione: Regola. Telephone: +39 06 6861796. Opening hours: From noon to 1 p.m. Sundays and holidays: From 10 a.m. to noon.

History Santa Maria del Pianto Church Rome

According to tradition, a fresco of the Madonna painted on a wall near the Portico d’Ottavia is said to have shed real tears when a crime was committed in front of the image.

To commemorate this miraculous event from the year 1546, the effigy was removed from the wall and hung in the nearby Santissimo Salvatore de Caccabariis Church.

A Confraternity named Santa Maria del Pianto was then founded and in 1612 construction of a church dedicated to the Madonna began.

The original design by the hand of Niccolò Sebregondi was not completed, so the facade is little more than a piece of wall between some residential houses.

The church has a Greek floor plan and pillars are attached to the walls. The dome is octagonal.

Works of art

At the beginning of the nave is a banner depicting the “Miracle of the Crying Image of the Madonna” and the “Virgin in Glory.” The artist responsible was Lazzaro Baldi.

The “Madonna with Saints” in the right nave was also created by Baldi.

The “Madonna of Weeping” fresco that started it all can be seen near the main altar from the 15th century.

Via di Santa Maria de’ Calderari, 29 – Rome