Santa Maria della Salute Church Viterbo

The Santa Maria della Salute Church is located in the center of Viterbo. The austerity of the interior of this church is offset by the beautifully carved marble portal.

Santa Maria della Salute Church Viterbo

Address and opening hours

Het adres van de Chiesa di Santa Maria della Salute is Via della Pescheria – 01100 Viterbo. Openingstijden: Onbekend.

History and description

The history of the church is closely linked to that of the man who financed to its construction, the wealthy notary Mastro Fardo di Ugolino. He had the church built in 1320 to increase the importance of a shelter also founded by him. With the shelter he tried to get women who had fallen on hard times back on the right path.

However, the project failed and in 1324 the good man had the Ospedale del Monte built, a hospital for the poor and for the pilgrims who came down the Via Francigena to Rome.

When he died in 1350 he did have himself buried in the Santa Maria della Salute Church.

The facade of the church is characterized by a magnificent marble entrance door designed by the architect Lorenzo Maitani (1337). Several themes are depicted on the door, including the “14 Works of Mercy,” “Christ’s Descent into Purgatory” and “The Burial of the Dead.”

The interior is sparsely lit and extremely austere. The Fondazione Carivit preserves the canvases that used to be there. The candelabras that used to the altar are now on display in the Museo del Colle del Duomo. The walls used to be painted with frescoes, but these have completely faded over the centuries.

What to see

In the center of the church is a pink marble plaque where Mastro Fardo di Ugolino is buried.

A second tomb is the one of Alberto Mastrio, lieutenant of the order of lawyers, died in 1644.

The altar is made of the peperino stone type.

Santa Maria della Salute Church Viterbo

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