Santa Maria dell’Umiltà Church Rome

The Santa Maria dell’Umiltà Church is a church in the Trevi district of Rome. The facade is by Carlo Fontana and the interior features works of art by Pietro Cavallini and others.

Santa Maria dell’Umiltà Church Rome

Adress and opening times

Santa Maria dell'Umiltà Church Rome
Santa Maria dell’Umiltà Church

The address of the Chiesa di Santa Maria dell’Umiltà is Via dell’Umiltà, 30 – 00187 Rome (tel. +39 06 684931). Opening hours and entrance fee: To be arranged by phone through the Pontificio Collegio Americano del Nord.

History and description

This church was commissioned in the early 17th century by Francesca Baglioni (daughter of Caterina de Medici and widow of Francesco Orsini). She had also had a convent built next door, which was actually intended for downtrodden women of noble birth, but was later to take on a more exclusive character.

The facade was renovated in 1703, by Carlo Fontana.

In 1859, under the direction of Andrea Busiri Vici, a new renovation took place. The church was incorporated in the facade of the monastery, which had been enlarged and raised over the years. Busiri Vici was the house architect of the Vatican around the time of Italian unification.

After the unification, both church and monastery came into the hands of the Congregazione di Propaganda Fide. This brotherhood converted the monastery into a sort of boarding school for North American theology students.

The church consists of a single nave. Many of the decorations were done in the 18th century by Carlo Fontana.

What to see

The niches in the side walls contain statues of saints sculpted by Antonio Raggi.

Francesco Cavallini created the bas-reliefs in the side chapels.

Michelangelo Cerruti painted the “Assumption of Mary” (1726) gracing the vault.

Santa Maria dell’Umiltà Church, Rome

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