Santa Passera Church Rome

The Chiesa di Santa Passera is a small church in the Portuense district of Rome. The facade of the church overlooks the Tiber. The first version of this church, which has a crypt with fragments of frescoes, was constructed in the 5th century.

Santa Passera Church Rome

Useful information

The Chiesa di Santa Passera is located on Via di Santa Passera, 1. The church can be visited on Sunday mornings (10:30), when there is a mass. In July and August it is closed. The phone number is +39 06 5501063. Admission is free.

History and description

Santa Passera Church Rome
Santa Passera Church

The Santa Passera Church is made of red brick stones. Before reaching the gate, one must climb a small quadrangular terrace via one of two symmetrical staircases.

The church is built on a Roman cemetery that existed as early as the 8th century. The remains of the martyrs Ciro and Giovanni were brought to Rome from Alexandria in Egypt at that time. The last part of the long journey was via the Tiber.

Over the centuries the building was often enlarged and embellished, as the 13th/14th century frescoes testify.

From the sacristy one can descend into the crypt. An architrave from the 9th century refers to the two martyrs.

Still further down one arrives at the Roman sepulcher, where some parts of wall paintings can also be seen.

Santa Passera Church, Rome

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